How to find the right software development partner

Many of our clients find us after going through multiple bad experiences with global freelancers and software development companies. It usually has already cost them money, time and caused a lot of heartache. How do you ensure you hire the right company or freelancer ?

1. Location, location, location: It matters where your development partner is located. You want to go in knowing what applicable laws provide protection to your development contract. In case they are not able to fulfill their contract and already have some of your payments, how do you know they will feel bound by law to return it.

It also affects how effectively you can communicate with your development partner. Even if language is not a barrier, time zone differences can make it ineffective to communicate timely to get updates or resolve issues. 

Always choose a partner that is located in the country where you are, if possible. If that is not possible, you may want to ensure that you feel comfortable with the laws and communication in the country.

2. Time/rate Estimate: Do NOT let a low price dissuade you. We have countless stories and some experiences where you are lured in with a super low price and then get stuck in a contract with no easy way out.

Always ensure that the time/rate proposal looks realistic and is broken up into milestones that reflects experience and process.

3. Development & Delivery Process: Any company that has been doing software development and has had any success doing it would have some process in place to ensure effective delivery consistently. If the process isn’t included in the proposal, ask about the development process that the company follows. Whether it is waterfall or agile, how frequently can you see the demo, when to expect the first prototype and so forth. All of these are good questions to ask.

4. Project Management Tools: Ask how they will report progress, how they will track issues, what tools are being used. If you feel the answers are not satisfactory that should be a red flag immediately. This is one of the most critical pieces that you want to consider.

5. Customer portfolio: It is important to know and ask about any known brands on the development partner portfolio. Bigger brand usually require a more rigorous process and project management than smaller companies. When you see a bigger brand on the portfolio, it usually means that the development partner you are reviewing will have a more rigorous set of processes than others.

If you are considering finding a development partner for your next project, here’s how Skipfour excels in all of these five areas. Skipfour sells both services and products. They offer two types of services: software solutions, and enabling technology services– such as IT support, cloud services, etc. SkipFour delivers solutions to individuals, small businesses, and large enterprises. Here, they go into detail about what solutions and services they provide: Solutions and Services.

Skipfour LLC has over a decade worth of programming experience. They have produced many different websites, a few of which include (but is not limited to) Untyme, CrossingHub, and MeraPK. They have also created a couple fun and addicting games such as Freedom Cubes, Freed Cubes – VsThat’s Life, That’s Life – Vs, and That’s Life TVOS (available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store). Based on the products they’ve built and their experience, you are guaranteed a product of your own made by Skipfour, a product that meets your standards, if not higher.

In Skipfour’s words: “In the past 11 years, we have served over 300 customers and counting. In a recent survey, the solutions we have provided our customers over this span is catering to over 1.9 million users globally. We are committed to our customers’ success and they love us back for that, 96% of our customers return for repeat business when they have a need, that is a profound testament to the relationship we have created on solid trust.”

Skipfour promises a tailored solution, effective communication, and uncompromising quality during the development process. 

There are hundreds of technology companies on the internet that may promise to get the job done, but Skipfour guarantees quick, high-quality, standard-meeting services and solutions. 

Get your software done right.