Freedom Cubes

Freedom Cubes

Tetris has been around for decades, it needed a fun overhaul, so we created Freedom Cubes. Freedom Cubes is a variation of Tetris games but a lot more fun. The player has 3 minutes to arrange pieces on the grid. The game offers power-ups, the ability to rotate pieces before they are placed, the pieces can be put in a piece-holding area to be used later on. The next piece also shown at the bottom of the screen.

Freedom Cubes is available in two flavors

  1. Freedom Cubes – is a single player game
  2. Freed Cubes – Vs is a multiplayer game that offers online tournaments and free and cash prizes.

Freedom Cubes can be downloaded on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

If you like Tetris, Freed Cubes – VS is the game for you. Similar to Tetris, you have to clear your play grid, all the while using various power ups to shift the blocks to clear the grid. Go one-on-one with an opponent, competing to win prizes and participate in free, online tournaments.

Freed Cubes – VS has 4 different power ups that you could use through the gameplay. One lets you clear a small patch of blocks entirely, another two allow you to rotate left and right, and even save a piece for future use. However, in order to gain these power-ups, you need to clear a line either horizontally or vertically, but you need to act fast; you can only store one at a time, not multiple.

Once gameplay has started, the contestant has 3 minutes to play. When you place a piece, you get 10 points, and everytime you clear one line (also known as a single streak), you get 50 points. When you clear two lines at a time (aka double streak), you get 100 points. Similarly, clearing three lines (triple streak) gets you 200 points. Login everyday to get a free gift of either Z coins (which you can use to play more matches) or tickets (which can later be used to collect prizes).

Freed Cubes – VS is the multiplayer counterpart to Freedom Cubes. Both games are available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Download this game right here!