that's life

That's Life

With no-one yet being able to finish all twelve rounds for That’s Life, it offers exciting levels where the players changes paths to dodge obstacles in the path. While you dodge obstacles, collect coins for additional rewards.

To us that represents life, with ups and downs, obstacles and rewards. That’s Life comes in three flavors

  1. That’s Life – is a single player game
  2. That’s Life – Vs is a multiplayer game that offers online tournaments that offer free and cash prizes
  3. That’s Life TVOS is available on Apple TV and allows buying additional coins for rewards

That’s Life is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

We couldn’t have said it better – More from a customer blog:

Are you looking for something fun to do during quarantine? Then, download one of Skipfour’s newest games! That’s Life – VS is a game you’ve never seen before. A new concept packed with obstacles, twists and turns, and exciting paths that are sure to keep you on your feet.

In That’s Life – VS, you can compete in online tournaments with your friends and players across the globe. You can also cash out your money and win all sorts of goodies with the tickets you collect! As you try to avoid the many obstacles, you can pick up coins for additional rewards. That’s Life represents real life, as it has many ups and downs, obstacles, struggles, and surprises.

That’s Life – VS has 12 levels (which are almost unbeatable), where each level is harder than the last one. If you hit an obstacle in the game, you have the option to either continue with 5 coins (which, if you do have 5 or more, you can start again from that level) or restart and lose your progress. However, if you don’t have enough coins, the round is over. If you win first place, you collect the prize; if you get second, or last place, you collect nothing. Login everyday to get a free gift of either Z coins (which you can use to play more matches) or tickets (which can later be used to collect prizes).

That’s Life comes in 3 versions. It comes in the original, That’s Life, it comes in the competitive version, That’s Life – VS, and the TVOS version, That’s Life-Paths. That’s Life – VS is available on Apple App Store, it will be available on Google Play soon!

Is there a problem? Then, go to Skipfour’s website and let them know!