Smart School Management System in Northbrook

Is your school system being hacked? Are the students not being able to connect in a timely manner to the school for distant and virtual learning? Are you using many apps and system for parent engagement, student information system, admissions and enrollments, payments and communication? Skipfour solves all of these problems by integrating all of these features in a single integrated solution, with a single sign on (SSO) (Imagine that!)

Skipfour’s Smart School system in Northbrook offers plug-and-play modules that any school can use to build their own custom solution


With our kids being online for school, the last thing we should be worried about as parents is for our students to be hacked and their information compromised. Unfortunately, that is the reality of today, with schools across the country being hacked and student learning compromised because of it. We offer localized DoD level security for video conferencing and collaboration. We use end-to-end 256 bit encryption for our solution that includes video conferencing. For bullet proof security, the schools have the option to deploy intranet servers to limit access to the system to authorized users.

Single Sign On:

All of our modules require a single sign on, so the students, teachers, parents and admin staff do not have to remember and administer multiple systems. Imagine the ease of use this feature alone can bring to our online school experience. 

Video Conferencing and Collaboration:

Our state of the art video conferencing and collaboration module offers enhanced security and tools specifically designed for schools including break-out rooms, whiteboards, slide sharing, video sharing, sharing screen control, obscuring background to limit the view to students and teachers during video conferencing.


Our communication tools allow students and teachers to communicate seamlessly about homework, assignments, upcoming tests, grading, missing assignments, trips, events and more.

Parent Engagement:

Our integrated system makes it easier to send weekly reports to parents, allows them to seamlessly sign up for volunteering, potlucks, PTA, Back to School and other events. It allows teachers and admin to share their calendars directly with parents and others. The system allows communicating with parents a breeze with automated email reports, teacher communication under a single dashboard, and tons of other features. All of this without going outside the system to ensure your connection stays secure.

Student Information System:

Manage all student data including personal (name, date of birth etc), contact (address, point of contact, phone numbers etc) and health (allergies, medications etc), school (grades, sports etc) information in one place. We comply with HIPAA and PII to ensure the entire system is secure and encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. The system allows multiple permission levels to the system to minimize access based on the role and the need of the user.

Admissions and Enrollments:

Get started with digitized and automated admissions and enrollments forms. That can be filled out on desktop browsers or the mobile apps. Spend the precious time where it’s most needed, learning.

Integrated Payments:

Our school management software allows your school in Northbrook to directly accept payments, whether it is a book fair, a school trip, donations or something else. No need to accept payments through another vendor, whose security may be unknown to you.

In addition to these features, we offer building additional modules as needed. It is time to integrate all your digital needs into a single system that works hard for you so you can save time and energy for what truly matter, our students!