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Smart School Management System

Is your school system being hacked? Are the students not being able to connect in a timely manner to the school for distant and virtual learning? Are you using many apps and system for parent engagement, student information system, admissions and enrollments, payments and communication? 

Skipfour solves all of these problems by integrating all of these features in a single integrated solution, with a single sign on (SSO) (Imagine that!)

Untyme - Messages forever

Imagine getting a message from someone you lost years ago. How would that make you feel?

You can do that with Untyme for your kids, grand kids and others. Leave a future message now at

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CrossingHub - World's largest entertainment marketplace

World's largest marketplace for entertainment industry. We have talent, service providers and production companies all in one place where they can find and hire.

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MeraPK - Pakistan's largest business directory

Pakistan's fastest growing business directory that combines business presence with consumer reviews. Regardless of the business category, when you are traveling to Pakistan or within it, you will find this very handy in finding the best hotels, restaurants and places to visit.

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Skipfour Games - Games you love!

Skipfour's game studio created in 2020 is expanding, we have released multiple titles and have hosted tens of thousands of tournaments . Our creative vibe is informed by our motivation to create the games we love playing. To see the complete game portfolio, click the button below.