MeraPK – Pakistani Yelp

The largest business directory of Pakistan with customer reviews.

Are you trying to find the perfect place to eat, shop, or visit? Well, MeraPK has an easy fix for that. They have the best places to go, no matter where you are in Pakistan. You can find the perfect place in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, and Quetta and other cities across Pakistan on this website! If you are new to this website, then you have to sign up to review and rate places. 

You can search for restaurants, hotels, clothing, health, etc. You can read blogs and news if you scroll to the bottom of the page. 

Once you sign up, click your name and a few options will appear. The options are “dashboard, update profile, sign out”. If you click “Dashboard”, it will show you the number of user views, the number of customer leads, and the number of customer reviews. It also shows things you can click on the side. It shows “dashboard, announcement, events, coupons, menus, listings, inbox, invoices, saved, ad campaigns, reviews, bookings”. 

If you click “Update Profile”, it shows you an “Update Photo” button and questions about yourself. For example, your name, email, number, etc. There is one last button that says “Sign Out”, only use that when you are about to leave the website. 

You can also add your own business with the “Add Business” button. That way, people can view the ratings of your business and possibly even go and rate it themselves. If you scroll down a little, you will find 2 sections. One reads “Recently Reviewed” and the other “Recently Added”. These sections give you an easier time to choose the place your heart desires. 

You can also add a business that you would like to review, choose the FREE package when asked. If you work for a business or own it, you can claim your business to be able to communicate with your customers directly on our website.

Underneath the 2 sections, you will find a “How It Works” area. This area will simply tell you the process to list your business. First, you must select your package, choose FREE if you are not sure. Then, you are required to submit your listing. Last, you are all ready and loads of Pakistanis can see your profile across the country! This process is very straightforward and simple.

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