How to sign up on MeraPK

You’ve already read about MeraPK and now you’re interested in signing up. But just how exactly are you supposed to do that? Signing up is a very quick and simple process, let’s walk through the steps.

First, go to the MeraPK and click the button labeled “Sign Up”. You will find it on the top right corner of the screen next to “Log In” and “Add Business”.

Then, it will take you to a page where you will see several options that show you different ways to sign up. You can make a new account from MeraPK or use your current Google or Facebook account or use your email.

You will find that you have been signed up. You can also write a review and rate by giving as many stars as you would like, depending on how much you enjoyed the business. You may insert images and/or menus. You have to sign up in order to evaluate and assess companies. You can also register to list your own business, there are free and paid packages for listing businesses. You can find out how to add your own business onto MeraPK.

If you are planning to review a business and can’t find it on MeraPK, you can add the business and then review it.

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