How to sign up on

Since CrossingHub is for professionals, sign up’s and sign in’s must be secure and protected. There are a couple of steps to sign up and we are going to guide you through them.

First things first, you want to go to CrossingHub’s website so you are able to sign up. Click here to go to CrossingHub. Once you are there, in the top right corner it will show a button that says “Join Now” click on it and then it will direct you to another page so you can start your sign up.

You will have three options so that you can sign up, you can complete the sign up via CrossingHub, you can sign up with Google, or you could sign up with Facebook. Once you fill out your information, click the button that says “Start Now” 

After, select your location and type your password. Then after you do this agree with the Terms and Conditions and click “Continue.”

An email will be sent to your email so that you are able to verify your account. Once you verify your account, you will be able to go onto the last step.

The last step is to click “Continue to Dashboard” and then you are finished with setting up your account.