CrossingHub – Get Found Today

All great productions start with great people, but it’s difficult to find the right people. And it’s equally difficult to find the right production to be a part of.

Many employers in the entertainment industry are looking to hire, whether it’s for movies, shows, music events or full-on film production. Meanwhile, other individuals are looking for jobs in show business. However, it’s often hard to get found and even harder to find the right talent for production companies, especially when shooting locations are not local. There are no end-to-end match-making solutions out there that connect talent to production companies and production companies to the right talent.

But what if I told you that there was a way to find the right people within minutes? Or that you can be discovered in seconds? This is where CrossingHub comes in. 

CrossingHub, the world’s largest entertainment marketplace, is a website that allows employers from all over the world to hire people with talent. It offers the discovery of new talents, allows connections with other users, and creates introductions to the crew of your next film. 

Anyone is able to apply either as an employer or a talent provider. 

As a talent provider, you are able to sign up and put up a profile for free so that any employer can find it and hire you, directly from the website. 

And as an employer, you are able to look at other people’s profiles to hire who you would like, rent a location to film, or even rent production equipment. You are also able to post your projects that the talent and service providers can apply directly to.

Using CrossingHub, you can plan, budget, hire, and pay your entire crew. 

For people who are looking to get hired, you can use CrossingHub to get global gigs by connecting directly to production companies and casting directors.

For production companies, you can hire talent and crew before your next shoot while managing your budget and entire production on CrossingHub.

CrossingHub even has a place for service providers. If you provide services– hosting, shooting locations, catering, boarding, transportation, etc –this is the right place to boost your business globally. 

In conclusion, if you are having trouble finding a job in the entertainment industry that’s just right for you, or finding the right people for your production, CrossingHub will solve your troubles.

Connect with each other, discover talent.