Create a will on Untyme and deliver only when you want

Are you afraid you won’t be able to say the words that you wanted to say? That’s why you need Untyme. With Untyme, your words will be with your loved ones for decades.

Using Untyme, you can make sure you will always be there with your loved ones, even when you aren’t. You can be with your loved ones in just one click. That’s where “Pulse Messaging” comes in. Pulse messaging is where Untyme keeps emailing you for however long you would like them to. The message you have set will be sent to your loved one only the day you don’t answer the email Untyme has sent you. 

To write a will using the pulse messaging choice, start setting up your message. When you have gotten to the message option, click on “pulse”. What this will do is you will get an email from Untyme however often you allow them to email you. You must answer to these emails so that the message will not be sent out but once you are gone, you will not be able to answer the email, and this will get Untyme to send out your email for you. In other words, your message will not be sent out until the day that you do not answer the email they have sent to you.

You are able to create and deliver wills to the future on Untyme as well. How you write a will is first, you choose your inheritor. Then, select the executor for your will. Next, pick a guardian for your children. Afterwards, be specific and realistic about who gets what. 

Then, if there is more you want to say, attach a letter to your will. After, get people to sign the will and find a place for your will. Review your will and don’t forget to update it. Once you finish the will, you can go ahead and send it using Untyme to make sure your will gets sent at the right time

Pulse messaging is the way to go if you aren’t sure when you will pass or if you are planning on delivering a will. Did you spot an issue, problem, or error? Then, contact Skipfour! They want to make sure they have no problems, just for you! You can contact them here!