Buy more message credits on

Untyme is an efficient yet quick and simple way to send yourself, or others, future messages. Yes, you can write and deliver messages for free, for the first five messages you compose.

When first signing up for Untyme, you are given five free credits that are meant to be utilized for writing and delivering messages. Credits are only taken if you deliver a private message while public messages require no credits. Each private message requires one credit.

Once you have run out of credits, you will either need to purchase more or use a promo code. 

How do I purchase more credits?:

Getting On: Head over to You will instantly be led to the home page.

Signing Up: You will see many tabs on the top right corner. On the list of tabs, you will see a ‘Log In’ or ‘Sign

      Up’ button. You may log in if you are familiar with the website, otherwise click the green ‘Sign

      Up’ button on the top-right corner of the page and provide the  information required. Signing up  

      is necessary in order to deliver and/or receive a message.

Finding the Icon: Once, you are signed in, on the top right corner, there will be an envelope icon and right

 above it is a number. This number represents how many credits you currently have. Click

 on the icon.

**One private message requires one credit.

Clicking the Icon: Clicking on the icon will bring you to a page that shows you your total credits and allows

  you to apply promo codes to supply your account with more. You are also given the option

  to buy more credits.

Choosing the Amount: If you click on ‘Buy More Credits’, you will be taken to a page that allows you to

          choose how many credits you want to purchase. You have an option of 15, 35, or 60

          credits, all ranging in prices. Select your chosen amount. One you have decided,

          click ‘Buy Now’.

Purchasing Credits: After clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button, you will be asked to input your payment details.

     Provide the information required.

Start with your first five free messages; customize and deliver them today.